So I went shopping...

Things should be arriving starting this week, I'm so excited! Here's what I got:

From Dragon Tea House -
Goldfish Cups

From The Tea Gallery - 25g each Pheonix Oolong & Iron Bodhisattva (classic roast).

From Puerhshop - 2005 Jinggu Arbor Tree Beeng (to practice my brewing skills), strainer & tuocha pick.

From Hou De - Samples of each:
2001 MengKu "Yuan Yieh Xian" of MengSa, Thick-papered
2001 MengKu "Yuan Yieh Xian" of MengSa Mountain Thin-Papered
1999 Da Du Gan "Yunnan Yuan Bao Chi Tse"

From Yunnan Sourcing -

Yellow Yixing Pot - 100ml

Glass Gong fu Pot - 100ml

Now all I need is a tray and a fair pitcher from work and I can brew gong fu!

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