1999 Da Du Gang

My first Hou De purchase I'm trying. 1999 Da Du Gang 'Yunnan Yuan Bao' Chi Tse Beeng. (I have no idea what any of that means except 1999 and Beeng.)

notes first...editing later

Dry leaf-dark forest green & brown; smells like leaves, wood, deeper than the last pu I tried

Liquor - pale caramel

Smell - leafy, woody

Taste - sweet, mushroom, floral

Later infusions - deeper taste, golden amber liquor


Wes Crosswhite said...

Cool, looks pretty light for a 99. Did the steeps get darker than the one shown in the picture?

toastedtoads said...

Not that I remember, although my gong fu ability leaves much to be desired. I finally have a yixing and my scale should arrive today, so I'll have a better idea of how much tea to use. I'm better at guessing oolongs than puerhs.

I'll report back with a second attempt.